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Hi! I am Gareth, aka grhkm online. Hongkonger 🇭🇰 and currently studying maths at University of Warwick 🇬🇧. Interested in maths, cryptography (abbr. crypto), rhythm games and all kinds of music. As a typical maths student, I am not sure what my future career will be. Maybe cryptography researcher? Software engineer? …? Please message me if you have any advice 😅.

This blog mainly contains writeups for interesting CTF and other algorithmic problems, but I plan to write some random blogs as well (someone suggested a song recommendation blog).

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    • Mystiz is an experienced member of Black Bauhinia (many more years of experience than me). I thought he is good at crypto but he is definitely more than that.
    • Just kidding, I first met him on Cryptohack where he invited me to his Hong Kong CTF team. I am very fortunate to have met him (virtually for now). Can’t wait to solve more CTF problems and continue vibing together!
  • kurenaif’s Channel:
    • She makes really high quality videos on crypto, pwn/vulnerabilities, web, and more. I first learned and understood lattice-based attacks from her video. Be sure to check it out!
  • rkm0959’s Blog:
    • He has some really high quality writeups, and every crypto player should read his article named “Inequality Solving with CVP”.
  • Cousin’s Blog:
    • Also known as the Kirby guy, he has many well-explained articles on Elliptic Curves and Lattice-based Cryptography. He has a cool demonstration of the Babai’s algorithm here.
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